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Are you utilizing telephony as well as you should be?

Learn how Heartland Voip customers traded in their traditional phone lines and telephone systems for hosted Voip PBX's to save money and better connect with their customers.

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How we can help

With over 20 years of experience Heartland Viop will listen to your needs, understand your problems and create custom solutions for your business.

PBX Design & Hosting

We will design, implement and host a telephony solution around your needs and your budget.

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Vicidial Development

Create custom workflows and visualize real time data to increase efficiency and conversion rates.

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Twilio Development

Add additional voice and sms functionality to your PBX and existing workflow applications.

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Wholesale Sip Trunking

We connect you directly with the right SIP provider to fit your calling needs. No markups... ever!

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Network Security

Network security solutions including firewall, remote office VPN, and WiFi configurations.

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IT Consulting

Need advice on networking, backups, hardware or software development? We are here to help!

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What is Voip?

Learn more about Voip and how a Virtual PBX can save you money and improve your communications.

Common Voip Questions

Voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) converts voice communication into data packets and sends them over the internet. This allows you to use your internet connection to make & receive calls, eliminating the need for traditional phone lines and service.
You need three elements to utilize Voip.
  • • A PBX to receive, route and make calls.
  • • A SIP provider to provision telephone numbers and connect your PBX to the public telephone network.
  • • A SIP enabled phone (hardware or software) to accept and place calls.
PBX (Private Branch Exchange), is a private telephone network used within a company, organization or home. A Voip based PBX system has many advantages over a traditional phone line, including reduced costs, increased functionality and extensibility.
Yes! You can keep your current number through a process called "porting". Once we select a wholesale SIP provider based upon your calling needs, you can request that the new provider port your number to their network. Your phone service is NOT interrupted during the port.

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